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Retail Revolution: Critical Changes and Hidden Opportunities

Retail Revolution:  Critical Changes and Hidden Opportunities


The retail scenario is changing - and its changing fast!


Traditional formats are underperforming - at best.  Online is proving to be a lot more complicated (and a lot less profitable) than most people thought it would be.  And then there's the consumer.  What exactly do they want these days? 


What looks like a winning strategy one day, looks a lot less promising 6 months later. 


Even in today's chaotic market, there are overlooked opportunities, emerging retail formats, and new ways that retailers are re-energizing their collections and their stores. 


Jane Singer, Managing Director of Inside Fashion, will be taking a look at some of the critical changes that are impacting the retail sector - as well as discussing some of the not-so-obvious new markets, formats, and and consumer attitudes that are beginning to define a new era in retail.


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August 29, 2019 at the Cordis Hotel in Mongkok

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