A New Concept in Thermal Regulation Put Heat Where It’s Needed Most

Heat-MX is a new development from Hanco Corporation (Korea) that aims to bring smarter performance to activewear and outerwear garments.


“We can build functional garments which work well with our body without blocking the moisture evaporation while a pretty high level of outside precipitations would be blocked to enter into our body by using our HEAT-MX technologies,” said Sae Chang from Hanco.


This is important because a high level of moisture condensation can make you feel either warmer or colder, depending upon the outside temperature, Mr. Chang explained to Inside Fashion.


He also pointed out that many garments use specifications that don’t make sense for the garment’s use.  “Do most consumers plan to walk outside in gale force winds and heavy rain? Do they plan to climb a mountain during a hurricane or stand under a waterfall?  Probably not, so garments that can resist water in those conditions might not be necessary for general consumer wear. “


 By trying to achieve those levels of protection, many brands use an allover application of water-resistant materials or treatments, whereas for most garments resistance against highly pressurized water is only needed in the areas of the knees, buttocks, elbows of ski jackets and pants. 


There’s also the issue of goose down, which has not only gotten very expensive but also falls short in terms of performance.


“Down tends to clump up leaving cold spots in the garment.  Also, it has  an affinity for moisture so there’s a greater chance for bacteria to develop in the garment.  This can lead to a bad odor or to allergic reactions in some consumers,” said Mr. Chang.


The company’s iDown product not only solves these problems, but is also well suited to home care.  Unlike down feathers, iDown actually gains volume when machine washed.  And there’s no feather leakage, so manufacturers don’t have to use a down-proof lining in the garment construction or use chemical treatments.



Concept:  Using Heat-MX’s Long Range Thermal Dynamic Technology (LRTD) greater thermal efficiency can be achieved. 



-  High level of water resistance, despite being a light weight and low density fiber.  The product can resist heavy water pressure when tested for a period of over 72 hours under constant water pressure. 


- Although highly water resistant, it is also breathable.


- Engineered without the use of harmful chemicals.  This also means the performance properties will not deteriorate during washing.


- Heat-MX will remain dry on the back side of the material (other products tend to form condensation on the reverse side which cause the garment to retain moisture). 


- Completely wind resistant – with no wind passing through the garment, despite being light weight.  Tested at 20 km/h and 100km/h (for heavier weight products).


- Available in vegan and stretch varieties.



iDown Offers Sustainable Alternatives

The growing demand to replace high cost, potentially unsustainable goose down has brought many new developments to the market.  One of the most innovative is Hanco Corp’s iDown.


Concept:  Eliminate ‘cold spots’ in winter garments.  Minimize ‘down migration’ within a garment.




- No need to use a down-proof lining.  No down leakeage.


- No chemicals needed.


- Windproof and high level of water-resistance.


- Machine washable.  Increased volume after washing (real down tends to go flat).


- Eliminates odors associate with down filling (anti-bacterial).


- Sustainable.


- Even warmth throughout the garment – no clustering of down that leaves cold spots.


- Retains its insulating properties, even when wet.



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