New Digital Printing Solution for Polyester Apparel

Now activewear can enjoy the customisation that used to be possible only on cotton Tshirts, polos, and cotton garments.


Using Kornit’s NeoPoly technology, it is now possible to do industrial polyester printing, without dealing with dye migration.


The new solution means that activewear and athleisure garments can now take advantage of the flexibility and design opportunities that digital printing offers.


The Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro is the first machine equipped with the new NeoPoly technology.


DTG2Go (owned by Delta Apparel Inc) has been one of the first companies to implement the  Poly Pro system.  “We see increasing demand for personalized, decorated polyester garments,” said Deborah H. Merrill, Delta Apparel, Inc.’s CFO and President, Delta Group.  “Through DTG2Go, we can now deliver individualized and small-run prints on a variety of polyester fabric types.”


The new technology uses Kornit’s NeoPigment inks, which were designed for low temperature curing. The process maintains the fabric characteristics, while providing a high level of colour fastness.  


NeoPigment inks are Oeko-Tex and Eco-Passport certified and don’t contain PVCs or other toxic ingredients.

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