New Technology Uses Nanoparticles To Mark Fiber’s True Indentity

There’s now one more way to trace the origins of the fiber used in apparel and other products.

FibreTrace, developed by Fibremark Solutions Limited (UK) uses a US patented process that employs marked fibre materials that are incorporated into fabric or yarn, usually during the yarn spinning stage.

A yarn or thread with trace slivers that contain luminescent nanoparticle photon micro encapsulated markers is used as a 'marker'.  This yarn is woven or knitted into the finished garment where it can be used to identify or authenticate the origins of the fabric or garment.

These luminescent nanoparticles will create a unique ‘signature’ that can be seen when the material is examined under a spectrophotometer.

Fibermark can be used for identification purposes (proof of provenance), certification, authentication, and so forth.

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