Why Adding Value to Denim is a Win for Consumers and Retailers

The challenge for most retailers is getting consumers to buy one more pair of jeans. For suppliers it's about getting a little better margins on those jeans, while for consumers it’s all about finding a better fitting pair of jeans.Can we make jeans that meet the increasingly high standards that consumers are setting while at the same making them a more profitable category at retail and thus helping to reduce some of the price pressure upstream? Thanks to ongoing R&D from INVI...
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Logistics Challenge Cross-border B2C e-Commerce

In the first half of 2016, China's cross-border B2C e-commerce transactions reached a total value of US$28.26 billion dollars. It is estimated that by 2020, the value would exceed US$ 100 billion. “We can see the shifts from a B2B to a B2C model and we believe cross-border B2C e-commerce is the way forward,” said Dr. Guo Dongbai, CTO at AliExpress (郭冬白博士,速卖通首席技术官), speaking at the Asian Logistic and Maritime Conference (Hong Kong: November 22-23, 2016).  A...
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Black Friday is Looking a Little Gray

Retailers saw a quieter-than-expected activity on Black Friday (Nov. 25).   In major cities retail sales were bolstered by an influx of tourists who came to take advantage of discounted merchandise, as well as the participate in the season’s festivities.   Cross-border trade helped drive online sales as international shoppers had greater opportunities to grab deal-priced products from American or British online stores.Despite the intense promotions, consumers have small...
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